Fifteen years ago,

Dan Elliott was doing something many of us do without a second thought.

– He stopped in a neighborhood where he’d lived a few years earlier to make a quick phone call at the old convenience store.

What ensued, however, changed his life forever. With a gun suddenly shoved underneath his ribs, Dan was ordered by the man standing behind him to hand over his cash and car keys. Fortunately, the mugger took only Dan’s material possessions, leaving him with something much more valuable than money—his life. What has also remained with Dan is the realization that if he had known his old neighborhood had changed for the worse, he would have stopped somewhere else. Since that moment, he has been keenly aware that not everyone in his situation would have been fortunate enough to escape unharmed. That point was brought even closer to home when his brother’s fiancée was found murdered in her apartment a few years later.

When this second devastating, needless crime took hold of his entire family, Dan was left with a deep sense of responsibility toward the safety of the people around him—a responsibility that has driven him now for nearly two decades to find a way to help prevent the same thing from happening to others. iThinQware is the result of that profound determination. Dan’s desire to inform communities of crimes and alert individuals to potential dangers is the force that continues to guide him. When asked about his work and dedication to this project, he only has one thing to say: “I believe my life was spared for a reason, so it’s my responsibility to pay it forward.” As the founder of InteloQuence, Inc. and iThinQware, Inc. he’s spent the past ten years chipping away at the giant stone of crime prevention and crime reporting. No longer a private struggle, this project is now a public success as iThinQware launches in Dallas, TX with the hope of turning a city as great as Dallas into an informed, safer Dallas.

iThinQware’s management team includes company founder and CEO Dan Elliott, an executive whose successful track record in data management, telecommunications, technology infrastructures and sales channel development for Fortune 200 firms include Honeywell International, General Signal Corporation, Executone Systems, Wescom/InteGo Nursecall, DuKane Corporation, Sensormatic Electronics Corporation and Auth-Florence/Gibralter Industries, as well as mid-tier firms including Bison Gear & Engineering, Prater Industries, Norix Group and William W. Meyer & Sons.

He has also been recognized for years of dedicated service to the Apartment Association of Greater Dallas, the Apartment Association of Tarrant County, The American Red Cross and The National Association of Manufacturers. He has received numerous business consulting, design and marketing awards from HOW magazine, the AXXIEM award 3 years in a row, Packaging Digest Magazine, the American Institute of Graphic Arts, Robinson McGladrey Consulting Award and has been recognized by Ernst & Young along with Who's Who in American Business.